Information Important to Sales & Purchase of Trailers at Lyndhurst


  1. Applications Must Be Filled Out Prior to Any Offer.
  2. All trailers Must Have A Gas Test done and a copy provied to the Office Prior to Sale.
  3. Realty Tax applies to some trailers, please check with office. Buyers are responsible for any outstanding bills and/or Taxes.
  4. Clarify which items are included with the trailer (furniture, sheds, rent).
  5. Check with office about Park Rules & Regulations, certain restrictions apply in the park in certain sections.
  6. All sales are specificly for the Trailer only, RENTAL agreements are strictly at the discretion of Lyndhurst Park Recreation Ltd.


For further information Please Contact Office 905-722-8583
Lyndhurst Park Recreation Ltd.
24198 Hwy 48, Baldwin, Ontario, L0E 1A0
905-722-8583 Fax 905-722-4656


Trailers for Sale

Year/Trailer Make: 1994 Casavilla
Size: 12 x 44
Lot # 34
Price: $25,00
Type: Seasonal


Year/Trailer Make: 2007 Jayco
Size: 8 x 25
Lot # 112
Price: $15,000
Type: Seasonal